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for 44 years.

Members of the Manteca Fire Department show ABLE Consumers a fire engine.

Manteca Fire Department visited our Manteca Day Program (Adult Behavior Learning Environment) also known as ABLE. Fireman Troy, showed all the bells and whistles, extended the ladder and let our Consumers sit inside the cab. Firemen, EMT's and Police Officers can sometimes be scary, our Consumers only see them in cases of emergency or if something is very wrong. This day was a way to show them that they are always here to help and that they are amazing people!

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Manteca staff waving signs of encouragement in front of the house of an ABLE Consumer.

Our Modesto Staff volunteering to visit the homes of our Consumers during COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. We are singing songs, dancing, and showing our Consumers how much we care and miss them. Seeing the smile on their faces and dancing with them from a distance was amazing.

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Some of the Zoom educational packets prepared for ABLE Consumers.

These are examples of some of the Zoom educational packets that are prepared by our Staff for our Consumers. These individualized packets are constructed by our Staff, for each individual Consumer and then delivered to their doorstep. Every day the corresponding Zoom class will allow our Consumers to use these items with the interactive remote services we deliver. Most, if not all of our Consumers have been issued a Samsung tablet with the Zoom application and wifi already loaded for their use. 

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